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Kentuckiana Parkour Teen Parkour Classes

Teens are too old for kids classes, but they're not yet ready to participate in Adult programs. That's why Kentuckiana Parkour has Teen Parkour classes built specifically for this age group. They'll be safe and secure, but challenged to become the best version of themselves. 

Teen Parkour Classes Builds Athletes with Focus, Strength and agility



During this rapid growth phase it's common for teens to experience muscle tightness. At Kentuckiana Parkour, we recognize the importance of flexibility and have integrated it as a fundamental component of our program. Through our accessible approach, teens make significant progress in their flexibility, which positively impacts their overall quality of life well into adulthood



During the crucial transition from teenage years to adulthood, it's essential for individuals to develop real, functional strength. This period of growth is a prime opportunity to prioritize strength training. At Teen Parkour, they'll not only have a blast but also build the strength they need for a strong foundation in their journey to adulthood.



Teenagers often experience challenges with coordination as they adjust to their growing bodies. However, at Teen Parkour, we provide a solution to this common issue. Through our program, teens will enhance their balance, awareness, and precision, transforming into real-life ninjas in no time. The best part is, they'll thoroughly enjoy every exhilarating moment of their journey!

Teen Parkour Classes

Let's Get Moving!

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll Now!

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Teenagers often face challenges with focus and attention due to their developing brains. However, at Teen Parkour, we provide an opportunity for them to hone their focus in a fun and engaging way. Through our classes, teens will learn to concentrate on something they love, and as a result, they will gradually enhance their ability to maintain sustained attention. This skill will benefit them not only in parkour but also in various aspects of life for years to come.



Teenagers face numerous emotional challenges as they navigate their way through life. At Teen Parkour, we understand the importance of building resilience and determination in the face of obstacles. Through our classes, teens will have the opportunity to practice and develop these essential qualities. They will learn to push through challenges, overcome setbacks, and accomplish their goals. With each step they take in their parkour journey, they will strengthen their determination, shaping it into a fundamental aspect of their character.



In today's fast-paced and demanding world, teenagers face numerous challenges that can impact their self-confidence. At Teen Parkour, we recognize the importance of building rock-solid self-confidence in teens. Through our classes, teens will learn to overcome mental, physical, and emotional obstacles, developing true grit and determination in the process. As they push their limits and achieve personal milestones, their confidence will grow, becoming deep-rooted and unshakeable.


Parents love it too!

Parents love our
Teen Parkour Classes

Teen Parkour at Kentuckiana Parkour is not your typical teen activity. It goes beyond the ordinary and offers something extraordinary. Parents love it because it provides unique benefits and experiences that other teen activities can't match. From the physical challenges that build strength, agility, and coordination to the mental and emotional growth that comes from overcoming obstacles, Teen Parkour offers a comprehensive and enriching experience. It's a place where teens can unleash their potential, develop important life skills, and connect with like-minded individuals. With Teen Parkour, parents can feel confident knowing that their teens are engaged in an activity that is not only exciting but also fosters personal growth and empowers them to become their best selves.

Why Kentuckiana parents love Teen Parkour Classes

Positive Community

At Teen Parkour, your teen will thrive in a positive and supportive environment. They will be surrounded by like-minded peers who share similar goals and aspirations. Together, they will form friendships and support each other throughout their parkour journey.

Schedule Friendly

Life Skills

Kentuckiana Parkour is the perfect place for teens to develop essential life skills like determination, and empathy. Our certified instructors serve as positive role models, guiding teens on their journey. Through engaging classes, they'll learn to overcome challenges and foster a supportive community.

Physical Skills

Teen Parkour class times were carefully designed with families in mind. We understand the challenges of juggling busy schedules and commitments, which is why we offer a range of class times to accommodate various family needs.

At Kentuckiana Parkour, teens go beyond ninja moves and develop essential physical traits like , balance, agility, and more. These skills have long-lasting benefits that positively impact their lives.


For Students that want to take it to the next level:

Join Kentuckiana Parkour's Youth Competition Team and train to improve your Parkour skills - with chances to participate in thrilling competitions!

A big focus on leadership qualities and being outstanding students in the gym.

Pro team members spend more time in the gym then anyone training for the National championship!

Builds leadership, community, it leads into our coach in training program and teaches responsibility.


Compete with the best youth parkour teams at nationwide championships!

Teen Parkour Classes

Let's Get Moving!

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll Now!





Teens crave activities that are not only engaging but also downright awesome. They need something that goes beyond video games, TV, and screen-oriented pastimes that offer little benefit. That's where Parkour comes in, fulfilling their desire for excitement and adventure. Here's why it's exactly what they want:

Why Teenagers love Teen Parkour Classes


In just a few weeks, Teens can witness their own strength skyrocketing. It's a remarkable experience for them to observe their progress in real time, as they dedicate themselves to becoming the strongest and best version of themselves. 

A Place to Belong

Parents may be new to the world of parkour, but their teens are already well aware of its awesomeness! In teen culture, parkour holds a special place as an incredible and exciting activity. And here's the best part: parkour is not just about having fun—it's also packed with numerous benefits for teens.

Amazing Agility

Teens will witness their agility soar as they dive into the world of parkour. With each step, jump, and climb, they'll experience a remarkable improvement in their agility.  Parkour provides the perfect platform for teens to develop and showcase their agility in thrilling ways.

They have a BLAST!

As Parkour teachers, our passion for what we do shines through every day. We love creating a fun and engaging environment for our students, and their joy is contagious. It's no doubt that Parkour is the most fun activity available for them, hands down!

Teen Parkour Classes

Let's Get Moving!

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll Now!

What do Actual Kentuckiana
Parkour Parents Say?

Read Real Reviews from our clients! 


Member Feedback

We absolutely LOVE KPK! This has been a fantastic outlet for my kid to get exercise, learn discipline, and gain confidence. Coach Marcus, Cheyenne and Brendan are fantastic leaders and teach the students not only how to be safe while having fun, but lessons on discipline, listening and being responsible.


Member Feedback

We love KPC! After enrolling our daughter in every sport/activity under the sun, we can without a doubt say that this is BY FAR the best thing that she's participated in. She's excited to go to class every week. We can tell her confidence level has tripled from when she started, and she's no longer afraid to try new or scary things. Coach Marcus and Cheyenne are amazing with the kiddos and we're so glad that we found a place like this!

This could be the ultimate gift you give your teen.

Take advantage or our trial offer. You'll see for yourself just how amazing your teenager can be. 

Teen Parkour Classes

Let's Get Moving!

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll Now!

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