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Learn Parkour From Expert Coaches In A Fully Equipped Parkour Facility

Over 3000 Students


4.9/5 Star Rating

6+ Years of Experience

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Learn To Jump, Flip, Climb and Swing!

Gain Strength, Focus and Confidence

Get ready to unleash your inner ninja as you jump, climb, and roll through our facility! Our experienced instructors are here to guide you every step of the way, helping you build strength, flexibility, and confidence while having a blast with friends.

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Build Friendships 


We believe that building friendships is just as important as mastering new moves. Our classes are designed to not only teach parkour skills but also foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. As students swing, jump, and conquer obstacles together, they naturally bond over shared experiences and mutual encouragement! Our supportive instructors create a welcoming environment where kids feel comfortable expressing themselves, trying new things, and celebrating each other's successes!

No Burnout!

Unlike other sports, kids don't burn out on parkour because we prioritize fun, creativity, and personal growth over competition and pressure. At Kentuckiana Parkour, we understand that every child is unique, so we offer a non-competitive environment where kids can explore their abilities at their own pace. With our diverse range of challenges and activities, from jumping and climbing to rolling and balancing, kids stay engaged and excited about coming to class. They wont want to leave! 


What do Parents say?

My daughter just turned 5 and has been taking the Little Ninja class for a few months and loves it! The coaches are great, Coach Cheyenne is her favorite. We like coming early for open gym. I appreciate that that there are make up options if you miss your regular class.


The facility here is so much fun. It's unique and largely hand-made. My 7 year old has only been taking classes for a few months but has improved tremendously. I've been very impressed with the coaching staff who are friendly and knowledgeable. Sometimes the very young kids need a gentle reminder of how to behave and listen and the coaches do a great job of handling those times. More importantly, the coaches sometimes offer life skills to these little kids.My only complaint is that there was nothing like this for me when I was a kid!

My 2 boys have been attending Kentuckiana Parkour for over a year. They love everything about it- the obstacles, flipping, chase tag, and caring instructors!

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