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Amazing skills are just the beginning in Youth Parkour 

Our program goes beyond developing physical abilities, it also fosters personal growth, resilience, and a positive mindset. Through engaging challenges and supportive guidance, your student will discover newfound confidence, mental fortitude, and a sense of accomplishment

Youth Parkour Classes Build Benefits for Life





Our Youth Parkour classes go beyond traditional strength training, offering a unique and functional approach that benefits children of all ages. Through dynamic movements and engaging challenges, kids develop strength that is practical and applicable to real-life situations.

Flexibility is a key component of parkour that brings a multitude of benefits. This increased flexibility contributes to injury prevention, as it enables the body to adapt and withstand the demands of dynamic and challenging maneuvers



Boost your students inner ninja with increased balance, awareness, and precision. They'll embrace the thrill of becoming a real-life ninja while having a blast!

Youth Parkour  Classes

Let's Get Moving!

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll Now!



Parkour training cultivates laser-like focus in kids, This valuable skill extends beyond the training session and positively impacts their lives for years to come.





At Kentuckiana Parkour, confidence is more than just a buzzword it's at the core of what we do. Your child will develop unwavering sense of confidence that will empower them in all aspects of life.

At Kentuckiana Parkour, we provide a secure and nurturing environment where kids can learn and grow with confidence.


Clarksville parents agree:

Parents love Youth Parkour 

Parkour isn't only adored by kids, parents also fall in love with it because it offers more than just a fun activity. In addition to our exciting classes, we provide a competitive team for those seeking to elevate their skills to new heights!

A program built specifically for Kentuckiana parents

Why Kentuckiana parents love Youth Parkour Classes at Kentuckiana Parkour

Schedule Friendly

Kentuckiana Parkour Youth Parkour class times were designed  for parents. The class schedule is built around school and work times! You're almost guaranteed to find a time that works for your families needs.

Positive Community

Your child will be surrounded by peers striving towards the same goals they are. They'll build friendships and be supported in their journey.

Life Skills

There's literally no better place for your child to learn life skills like Persistence, Determination and Empathy. They'll listen and learn from role-model instructors, and they'll love it!

Physical Skills

It's more than scaling walls in the blink of an eye - it's proprioception, balance, agility and more - physical traits that will remain with and benefit your child for the rest of their lives. 


For Students that want to take it to the next level:

Join Kentuckiana Parkour's Youth Competition 

A big focus on leadership qualities and being outstanding students in the gym.

Pro team members spend more time in the gym then anyone training for the National championship!

Builds leadership, community, it leads into our coach in training program and teaches responsibility.


Compete with the best youth parkour teams at nationwide championships!

Youth Parkour Classes

Let's Get Moving!

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll Now!


Parkour Skills


Awesome Fun!

Kids crave activities that are not only engaging but also downright awesome. They need something that goes beyond video games, TV, and screen-oriented pastimes

that offer little benefit. That's where Parkour comes in,

fulfilling their desire for excitement and adventure. Here's why it's exactly what they want:

Why Kids Love  Parkour Classes

Strength and Power


In just a few weeks, kids can witness their own strength skyrocketing. It's a remarkable experience for them to observe their progress in real time, as they dedicate themselves to becoming the strongest and best version of themselves. 

Kids will witness their agility soar as they dive into the world of parkour. With each step, jump, and climb, they'll experience a remarkable improvement in their agility.  Parkour provides the perfect platform for kids to develop and showcase their agility in thrilling ways.

They feel like a 

Parents may be new to the world of parkour, but their kids are already well aware of its awesomeness! In kid culture, parkour holds a special place as an incredible and exciting activity. And here's the best part: parkour is not just about having fun—it's also packed with numerous benefits for kids.

They have
a blast!

At Kentuckiana Parkour, we've witnessed numerous local kid's programs come and go. However, there's a clear reason why parkour stands out and remains highly popular—kids absolutely Love it! It's the epitome of fun and excitement

Youth Parkour Classes

Let's Get Moving!

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll Now!

What do Actual Kentuckiana
Parkour Parents Say?

Read Some of our reviews!


Member Feedback

My 10 yrs. old son has been attending the open gym and classes here for over 5 months. It is the first activity that has kept his attention and he looks forward to it every week. I have noticed so many positive changes in him. The instructors encourage him to push himself to reach his goals. They even engage and let my younger son participate for free during open gym. It has been awesome to see this business grow into an asset in the Southern Indiana area.


Member Feedback

The facility here is so much fun. It's unique and largely hand-made. My 7 year old has only been taking classes for a few months but has improved tremendously. I've been very impressed with the coaching staff who are friendly and knowledgeable. Sometimes the very young kids need a gentle reminder of how to behave and listen and the coaches do a great job of handling those times. More importantly, the coaches sometimes offer life skills to these little kids.

My only complaint is that there was nothing like this for me when I was a kid!

Youth Parkour Classes

Let's Get Moving!

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll Now!

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