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Little Ninjas classes at Kentuckiana Parkour build life skills!

Experience the only Parkour program in the area designed specifically for children ages 3-5. Our classes are not only super fun, but also focus on building unique skills that will benefit your child's development. Join us for a one-of-a-kind, skill-building adventure!

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Little Ninjas  Classes

Let's Get Moving!

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll Now!


Parents love Little Ninjas classes at Kentuckiana Parkour.

Experience the joy of witnessing your child's remarkable transformation in our Little Ninjas class. It's not just about the fun and excitement; it's about the precious quality time spent together. As parents, you'll be amazed to see fundamental changes unfolding right before your eyes. Cherish these priceless moments as your child grows in confidence, develops new skills, and embraces the journey of personal growth. Little Ninjas is more than just an activity—it's an opportunity to create lasting memories and meaningful connections.

Why Kentuckiana parents choose Little Ninjas Classes.

Schedule Friendly

Fit our programs seamlessly into your family's schedule. Convenient class times for kids, adults, and families. Enhance your quality of life without sacrificing precious spare time.

Life Skills

Our classes not only build life skills like Persistence, Determination, and Empathy, but also create an exciting environment where kids have a blast. Join us today and let the adventure begin!

Positive Community

Step into our positive and contagious atmosphere, where kids cultivate positive habits and adults forge meaningful, lifelong friendships. Feel the difference and embrace a place of growth and connection.

Physical Skills

Our classes go beyond incredible ninja moves, focusing on essential physical traits such as proprioception, balance, agility, and more. Give your child lifelong benefits and enroll them today!

Little Ninjas Classes

Let's Get Moving!

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll Now!





The perfect blend of engaging and awesome activities for kids! Our program is carefully designed with their developmental stages in mind, ensuring accessibility and tailored experiences. Give your child the best with Little Ninjas

Kids Love Little Ninjas Classes

Super Fun

At Kentuckiana Parkour, children embrace the thrill of learning new ninja moves while also adapting to new rules. Our fun-filled classes make it a breeze for them to explore their expanding world and grow alongside it.

Fitness with play

They feel

Parents may be new to Kentuckiana Parkour, but even young kids recognize it as an "awesome" place to be! It's a fun-filled experience that brings joy to children, and parents can take comfort knowing that it offers numerous benefits alongside the excitement.


Our engaging games and activities for kids are designed to be both fun and educational. As your child takes part in these physical challenges, they will not only have a great time but also enhance their cognitive skills, foster teamwork, and develop a love for learning.

As passionate Little Ninja instructors, our love for what we do shines through every day. Our infectious joy creates a positive and exciting environment where your child can't help but learn and discover amazing new things!

What do Actual Kentuckiana
Parkour Parents Say?

Read Real Reviews from our clients!


Member Feedback

Our Four- year old Apphy lives the little ninjas class and has gone from tepidly navigating to hopping over obstacles and flying through the courses. Super fun and building self confidence and self reliance.


Member Feedback

The owner, Marcus, and his team are great with kids. They’re extremely engaging and provide a much needed setting for kids to learn, grow, and explore. Highly recommend their ninja classes.

This could be the ultimate gift you give your student

Take advantage or our trial offer. You'll see for yourself just how amazing your child can be. 

Little Ninjas Classes

Let's Get Moving!

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll Now!

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