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Full Membership Breakdown
A Full Detailing of our membership. Scroll down for more details on Classes and Make ups!

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Every Membership Includes

Open Gyms

Open gyms are worked into the schedule either before or after class times and are included with membership! Its more then just a class

Positive Community 

Step into our positive and contagious atmosphere, where kids cultivate positive habits and adults forge meaningful, lifelong friendships. Feel the difference and embrace a place of growth and connection.

Structured Classes

Students are guided through each activity by certified parkour instructors with safety in mind. Classes are inlcusive and fun for all ages! Kids Love it! 

Membership and Pricing


Basic Membership


Basic Membership Includes


-1 Class Per week

-Access to Open Gym Before or after class(Members Only)

-Discount on Events Including Summer Camps and Nerf War!

-Make up Classes that can also be used for events 


Advanced Membership

Advanced Membership Includes

-2 Classes per week

-Access To Open Gym before or after class

-Discounts on Events including Summer Camps and Nerf War!

-Make up Classes that can also be used for events


Frequently Asked Questions

Details about classes, Make Ups and events!

Class FAQ

Can I Come to any class day or time after I sign up?

Not exactly, Class times are locked in each week once you sign up! This guarantees your spot at that day and time! You also get make up credits! There is more on that in the section below


Can I change my weekly class time? 

Yes If you need to change your class send us an email at as long as there is space we can change your day or time.


My Student is enrolled in class and wants to bring a friend, can they?

Yes they just need to sign up for a Trial Class as well. Its important to note their parent or guardian must sign them up. You can not sign for someone not part of your direct family


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Open Gyms FAQ

Can we Come to any open gym?

Yes open gyms are included with membership! Even when its not your scheduled class day. Simply check in with a coach when you get there and fill out the sign in sheet. Members can come to any open gym on any day. It's important to note our Saturday night events are not considered open gyms. 


What are open gyms for?

Open gyms are for training your skills and working on your next level Up! Students can work towards their mastery points to move up to the next level 


Can non members come to open gyms?

Not the regular open gyms however anyone can attend our events such as parents night out or NERF even if they are not enrolled. Siblings can attend member open gyms for 5$. We also have adult open gyms through the week that you can attend if you're not a member. Refer to our events page and adult parkour page for schedule information

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Make Up Credit FAQ

How long are make up credits good for?

Make Up Credits are good for 3 months from the day missed! You can make up in any class at your skill level or below, This means intermediate level students can make up in beginner class as well.

What can you use as a make up? 

You can also use a make up to attend Events some at no extra charge! We do parents nights out and NERF events monthly. 1 makeup can be traded in for parents night out at no extra charge. You can also trade in one credit and get NERF for 10$! Check our events page for the schedule!

Can I come to a Make up anytime?

YOU MUST Pre schedule the make up with us ahead of time. We do this to prevent classes from over crowding. Failure to properly notify us of the make up may result in being turned away from a class if its full.

To Schedule a Make up, email us at or text/call us at 


Level Up FAQ

How does my student level up to the next class?

All Students must progress through the level up system and earn their skill Bands! All Students have a skill sheet on file for their selected class time. In open gym students can work with an instructor to get their points! Students must demonstrate each skill 2-3 times to prove their mastery

How Many Levels are there? 

There are 6 skill levels to master! 

Level 1 Blue Band

Level 2 Purple Band

Level 3 Green Band

Level 4 Red Band

Level 5 Orange Band

Level 6 Black Band. 

Beginner Class Covers levels 1-2

Intermediate Class level 3

Advanced Class Level 4-5

Level 6 Requires Private lessons

Does my student change classes as soon as they get their band?

 They also need a coach's approval to move up to the next class. A Level up also requires good listening and focus skills! A coach can verify with you if you believe your student to be ready to move up.

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How to Pause/Cancel

Kentuckiana Parkour is not a Contract

We do however require a one week notice to pause or cancel your membership. You must reach out to us by email or call/text and inform us at least one week before the renewal on the 1st of every month. 


Phone Call/text: (812)966-1452

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Simplified Schedule 
This is intended to be used by current members for quick reference. If youre a new student signing up then navigate to the programs page



Text/Call (812)966-1452

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