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Summer Camp at Kentuckiana Parkour!

Join a Ninja Clan! Learn Parkour, build friendships, play games, an unforgettable experience for kids of all ages! 

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Learn Parkour!

Unleash your inner ninja at our summer camp! Join us for a gravity-defying adventure where somersaults, wall-runs, and precision jumps are not just skills, but the coolest way to navigate the world. From leaping over picnic tables to mastering the art of fluid movement, this camp is your ultimate training ground for becoming a parkour prodigy. Get ready to flip, twist, and vault your way into the most epic summer of your life!

Build Friendships

Imagine bonding over daring jumps, conquering challenging obstacles together, and cheering on each other's gravity-defying feats. In this parkour camp, friendships aren't just made; they're forged in mid-air flips and shared victories.

Join a Ninja Clan!

Our camp is the meeting point where summer fun meets Ninja skills. Join the ranks of a ninja clan, make lifelong friends, and discover the thrill of being a modern-day ninja. Get ready for a summer filled with stealth, strategy, and a whole lot of ninja Fun!

Feel Like a Hero

At our parkour camp, you're not just a participant—you're the hero of your own epic adventure! Each jump is a triumph, every climb a heroic ascent. Feel the rush as you defy gravity and learn new skills!  In this camp, you're not just mastering parkour; you're unlocking the hero within. So, slip into your metaphorical cape, because at camp, you're the protagonist of the ultimate parkour saga!

Benefits for Life

Our Parkour camp helps develop focus, listening skills, strength and movement skills that will be used for life!


Movement Basics

In our parkour camp, we're not just teaching movement, we're empowering kids with the essential skills of controlled reaction. From the basics of safe landings to the art of bailing when things go awry, these skills are the superhero cape for their physical development. Think of it as a crash course in gravity management—because in the real world, knowing how to fall is just as crucial as knowing how to rise.


Listening Skills

Keen ears are as important as swift feet. At our camp, your ninja won't just be mastering flips and spins, they'll be honing their listening skills to perfection. So, gear up for a summer where your ninja's focus becomes their secret weapon, cutting through the noise and propelling them to new heights of mastery!

It's not just about physical prowess; it's about unlocking the potential within. From navigating walls to mastering the art of controlled landings, our parkour camp is a full-body workout disguised as a thrilling adventure. Get ready for a summer where strength isn't just a goal; it's the foundation for every gravity-defying triumph!



Get off the screens and Let's Get Moving!

No more virtual adventures—let's trade the joystick for jumps and the touchscreen for somersaults. It's not just about moving their bodies, it's about awakening a sense of adventure that goes beyond the confines of a screen. Get ready for a summer where the only pixels are the ones that make up the world around them, and the only swipe they need is the one that takes them to new heights of excitement!

Fun Activities' every day!

8-1 Camper/Coach Ratio

A Focus on Quality

Unlike other camps that will pack 15 Campers to one instructor, Camp KPK puts a Large Focus on Quality. Our 8 - 1 Instructor to Coach ratio ensures that your camper is getting the most fun and safe Parkour experience Possible.

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-Drop off is at 8:45am-9:00am

-9:00am- Introductions

-9:15am-9:40am Campfire Chat- Setting Expectations and Rule's

-10:00am - Warm Up Jam/Guided Open Gym

-10:30am-Snack Break

-10:50am-First Parkour Skill Lesson or Activity with Campers creating Teams and names

11:45am-Large Group Movement Game or Parkour Based Activity

-12:00p-Lunch Bring your own Lunch!

-12:20- Lunch Clean up/Quiet Activity time

-1:00pm-Afternoon Campfire, Campers will watch Parkour Videos with discussions or movies

1:30pm-Obstacles Course! Student will apply their newly learned skills in a variety of challenges

2:00pm-Regroup Activity

2:15pm-Ninja Warrior Focused Course and challenges

2:35pm-Guided Open Gym/Jam

3:00pm-Cool Down, Campers will review what they learned and get ready for pick up

3:15pm-3:45pm Pick Up Time


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Cost and Signup

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