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Kentuckiana National Jam!

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This Regions Premier Parkour Jam

Three days of the best parkour Louisville and Southern Indiana Has to Offer! Train outside and in the gym with top level athletes from around the world! You can even stay overnight at the gym! 

Beginner Workshops

Beginner Workshops are accessible to anybody! These workshops are designed to meet you at your level 

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Workshops With Professional Parkour Athletes! 

Intermediate-Advanced Workshops

Designed for the more experienced athlete these workshops will expand your skill sets! It is recommended to have a basic understanding of flips and twist to take these workshops

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Featured Athletes

Kentuckiana Parkour Is bringing some of the best athletes and coaches from around the world and the local community! Take workshops and jam with them all weekend long!

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Marcus Sumner

Parkour & Free Running

Specialty: Flow and Power

Click The Icon To see his Profile!

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Jam Schedule!

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Jam Rules and Expectations

Please read all of the following

1. Be Kind- To Other Jam Attendees and spectators. Inappropriate Behavior's will not be tolerated. 

2. Respect the environment-Clean up after yourself both in the gym and when we are outside training.

3. Leave No Trace! Which means we leave the area in better condition then when we got there. This will be announced at the end of each spot

4. OVERNIGHTS-Kids-Cell Phones are allowed but will be confiscated if used inappropriately and given back the next morning

5. OVERNIGHTS-Bring a pillow and a sleeping bag! We will be allowed to sleep on the many gym mats, the air track and the floor. NO SLEEPING ON THE OBSTACLES!

6. ADULTS- Students will be present at this jam, please check your language and behave accordingly 

7. Students attending the Overnights must follow all rules put forward by the instructors. Disruptive students will be sent home

8.By Purchasing a Ticket you are agreeing to all the above rules

Register Now! Select your Gym session below!

All Outdoor sessions of the Jam are free. Feel free to come to any outdoor sesssions! 
-KIDS OVERNIGHT is Saturday Night ONLY and is for
-Adults have the option of staying Friday and Saturday night if needed

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